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We would like to say "thank you" to all of our Brides who have shared images of their wedding day with us.  This means a lot to us.

Every picture you have shared expresses the "joy" and "happiness" we  have been able to 
give to you which/and will last a lifetime and have made your dreams become a reality.

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True friends share the emotions with the Bride never to be shared again...only as a memory..in images that will remind you how "perfect" your Wedding Day was and always will be.....sharing everlasting memories.

No matter how large or small your Wedding Day is nothing replaces the intense emotion you feel on that day.

As two families join together and become one new family, others embrace the moment.

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  forward to the upcoming -2017-2018  wedding season!  I include your picture of your images of your Wedding Day along with all the others we have had the pleasure of sharing their moment with us.
  We are happy that you said "YES" to your
 dress only at Collezione Fortuna Fashion Boutique and Bridals here in beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea.

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As we turn the page to read the newest chapter of our lives, our experiences in sharing will bring us closer together as the years go by...........

There will be moments that will bring us challenges that will bring us closer and give us wisdom and make us stronger......as you pass the test ......Our heartfelt "CONGRATULATIONS" to everyone!

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