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The day of your appointment has arrived.  You are exited, a bit nervous, and it may be your very first appointment .  We put every effort to make your appointment as fun and stress-free as possible!  Keep an open mind and be willing to try on different styles.  We have many styles ready to purchase off the rack. We always recommend to stay within your budget.  If you happen to "slip" and say "yes" to your dress on a gown slightly out of your budget, we do offer payment options!

  OUR DRESSES range from $1600 to $4,000.   Like any other Bridal Salon, Big Major Bridal and Department Stores, prices are "AS MARKED" on the sales ticket. We do not "negotiate", Barter, play " make a deal" at our shop. All prices are set by the designers.

 We have a sale rack with discounted wedding dresses waiting for you at substantial savings. We are fully aware of what the value of our product is.  

 On  occasion, we offer "BRIDAL PACKAGES" on the same day of your appointment.  You must purchase these "BRIDAL Packages" at that time or they are forfeited. We highly suggest you make every opportunity to take advantage of these "BRIDAL Packages" when offered as they are unadvertised and exclusive to our bridal salon only.

Please kindly follow this protocol as our store policy.

We are  Independently Owned Bridal Retailers. Our expertise cannot be matched. Our customer service and knowledge is #1.   

 We are not a showroom to "try on" dresses from other bridal shops, or to be used to "try on dresses for fun" or to use our ideas to shop online or have "Auntie Jen" make your wedding dress.  If this the case, let's be honest and save us time.

  Everything is protected by COPYWRITE LAW. The integrity of the designers we sell, private or not, must be respected at all times.

We are not photographers or videographers.  NO PHOTOS OR VIDEO ARE ALLOWED AT YOUR APPOINTMENT. We are happy to conduct a "FACETIME" call should you need approval at your appointment ONLY.   Note that your wedding dress is something you never forget and you do not need several approvals .  It's your wedding dress, you are the one to make the "final call" regardless who likes it or doesn't like it.

 Cell phones will be taken away if necessary and none are allowed in the dressing rooms!  THIS MEANS NO PICTURES OF THE DRESSES YOU TRY ON "TO SLEEP ON IT OR "TO be SURE".  IF YOU NEED A PICTURE to help you remember, it's not your dress. Your wedding dress is something you will never forget....like the day your  Fiance' proposed to you and you accepted the proposal. 

You MAY take all the images your once it's paid in full and your Contract is signed.  There are no exceptions to this courtesy.

What to bring with you on the day of your appointment:

You may bring up to (3) adults over 18 years of age, preferably a positive decision-maker. 

Be rested, and have a /snack because shopping for a wedding dress takes up energy.

Do Not book many appointments in one day.  If you find the dress you love and it's "THE ONE"..it's OK to "SAY YES" to it and buy it on the same day of your appointment.  Why waste time?  There is no need to keep looking!

Bring any undergarments you want to wear/try on with the dress.  Please remember to wear underwear!  For health and sanitary you will not be allowed to try on any wedding dresses without any on.

Nursing MOMS must wear a nursing bra and bra pads at all times when trying on dresses..it's another health rule...consider

Shoes...shoes.....please bring your shoes!  Heel height is important!

Always bring money!  You never know...you may find "THE DRESS of your DREAMS" and it must be paid/deposit pan the day of your appointment.  We accept CASH, VISA, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER as legal tender of payment. 

 Always be prepared to buy!  It's not uncommon to purchase the first wedding dress tried on, and purchase a wedding dress entirely different you had in mind!

No pets, Food, drinks, alcohol are allowed.  We love children, however, please arrange to have them stay with a sitter.  Strollers are not allowed inside the store. 

On occasion, we will kindly hold a wedding dress for you with a $250 deposit per dress which is "non-fundable".  This amount will be applied to your purchase, which must be completed no later than 48 hours, or it's forfeited. 

Please be aware your wedding dress does not include the cost of any alterations, veils accessories.  Please budget an extra $1200 to cover all of these expenses.  Also, be aware nothing is FREE, that also includes alterations. We do provide referrals for Alterations, and they are referrals only.  You may take your dress to another Alterations specialists that is an expert in Bridal Gown alterations of your choice.  We are not responsible for alterations done to your dress, nor can we quote prices for alterations. This is standard practice and expected. Nothing is mis-represented at our Bridal Boutique.

Custom orders your wedding dress can take up to 24 weeks to complete.  Plan ahead to void paying extra rush fees that can cost anywhere from $250-$500 depending on the designer and is added to the cost of your dress order otherwise your wedding dress will not arrive in time for your wedding.


Consultations only up to 30 minutes complimentary-without trying on any dresses

 One- Hour Consultation without trying on dresses, $250. This is a Professional fee as we are "Certified Bridal Consultants"....just like a doctor's visit..we do charge for this service.  Please share what your needs are for your appointment, and if we sense a charge is appropriate, we will charge! This is "non-refundable".

One hour appointment- 4 dresses-  we can extend this appointment for $100...providing we are headed in a commitment.

2- hour appointment- 6-8 dresses- we can extend this appointment for $250...providing we are headed in a commitment.

Your fees are always applied to your purchase on the day of your appointment only.

Wedding dress pressing and $150 and up.  You must make arrangements to bring the dress in and pick it up. We do not deliver at this time. We do not press men's tuxedos or Bridesmaids dresses unless they are purchased from us.

All SALES ARE FINAL on everything!

Give us a call (831)626-1287 to answer any questions you may have.  It's our pleasure to be of assistance.

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